Subj: my letter is me jp 
Date: 2/8/2002 1:39:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr, [email protected], [email protected], CTureski

Whazuuuuuuuuuppppp Paul, Judi,Terry, Persheen, Carol
    Its me JP as u know one of ur best students LOL. So lets get to the point why I’m writing this mail for ya teachs. The thing that went well last semester in ur class Paul’s  was tapped in and the web sites. Tapped in went well cause I like chatting and I think people was communicating with each other. The web site was kool cause u get to put stuff about u, but there was a bad thing about it, u couldn’t put certain stuff.
    Judi in ur class was DNA. It went really well I think every body liked it. Me and Freddy liked it so much that we even took are DNA in my house. My came out better that his.LOL.i also like the finger prints. I liked it cause I had a arch LOL.
    Terry in ur class was Jackson heights. I think it went well cause we had lots of time to do it study it and etc. Also it was good cause we got to go to the trip s we could really c how Jackson heights is. We just don’t read it from a paper we saw it felt it u got the point dude.  
Carol ur class I think the thing that went well was I got to improve my reading by reading in ur class. I think it went pretty well. Just don’t makes us read a lot thanks.

Paul, Judi, Terry, and carol, what I want u guys 2 know is that I’m a very hard worker but I’m lazy. Also I like science and history, because last year my best teachers of them all was my teacher in history and science class.

    Paul, Judi, Terry, and carol, the thing that make me feel good in panyc class is that u guys try to get students 2 gether. Also u guys like to help us a lot u some of u even stay after school to help us, and I don’t think u guys get paid for that. Ohhh yeah and we go to the pc lab all the time LOL.

    Paul, Judi, Terry, and carol, the thing I  don’t like about panyc is that in class there people that talk to much in class and in there native language.     
PS. Peace people from the peace maker JP give a halla back….