Subj: hi 
Date: 2/5/2002 11:41:33 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent from the Internet

Dear Paul, Judi, Carol, Terry and Pershen,

           I think that in all you’re classes I did well. But
sometimes I get confused with some of the things. Paul I did excellent in
you’re class even though I don’t like computers. Judi
you’re class is to hard but I did a good work I’d try to hard
for pass. Carol in you’re class I did an excellent work cause now I
like to read. Terry you’re class is the class that I love that’s
why I did excellent. Pershen I like you’re class but is to hard so I
think I did so, so. I think I did a wonderful job in all the classes but the
thing that I might gone better was the homework’s, class groups, and
pay attention to Judi’s class.
          What I did well in all my classes was work in groups and pay
attention to my classes, so that’s what I think I did well. The thing
that I could have better last semester was doing all my homework’s on
time and pay more attention to the classes. What I’m looking forward
this semester is be more intelligent, pay more attention to the classes and
do all my homework’s on time.

           I’m worry of a lot things in you’re class Pershen
because I’m see to be so confuse so I want you to help me. Judi in
you’re class I worry about the tests. Carol in you’re class I
worry about the books cause sometime me da peresa to read. Paul I worry
about the computers because I don’t like computers. Terry in
you’re class I’m no to worry cause I know I’m doing well.
I wish that all of you know that I like to participate but if I have a wrong
answer they will make fun of me. I will like to work the most science and I
the math class because those to classes are to hard.

           What makes me feel good about being a Panyc student is that the
teachers are always helping me. What I’m upset about is that the
people they bother a lot and I don’ like that.


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