Date: 1/31/2002 2:09:48 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: [email protected]
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Dear Paul, Judi, Terry, Persheen, and Carol,


To tell you guys the truth. I think last semester things didn’t went well for me. Mr. Paul’s class was a mess for me. I hardly had done anything at his class. I always fooling around and talk a lot at his class. He’s a good teacher, he still pass my even though I didn’t do anything at his class.

            Ms. Judi’s class is fun. Her work is kind of hard, but when it comes to make experiences and presentation. I always have a lot fun. It is a little hard for me, but it sure is fun.

            Mr. Terry’s class is also fun too. He always telling jokes to us and teach us world history that I never new before. His tests are hard for me, but his work is ok. When it comes to his tests, I just got confused and ruined my test. I didn’t like that. But Mr. Terry is a teacher.

            Mr. Perseen, your class is hard for me. I used to love math, then I hated it, I became very hard for me. He though me a lot of math problems I didn’t new before. But I just don’t understand. Everyone said that math is easy but for me this time is hard. When I was in 8th grade. My math was very good. And I pass my tests a lot. I guess that every year things changed.

            My favorite class is your class, Mr. Carol. Your class has always been the easiest class I’ve ever been to. You work is also fun too. I always choose R. L. Stine’s book. I know you always tell me to read other books some other times, but I like R. L. Stine’s book the most. I will try to read other books if they are interesting and scary.

            If I keep up the good work, I might get an A for all classes. I think I’ll pass Mr. Terry’s tests if I study more. And I think I will pass Mr. Perseen’s class if I ask him about the problems I don’t understand and listen more carefully to his class.

            To tell you guys the truth again. I didn’t think I did well anything last semester. Only reading I guess. Everything has been hard for me. Especially math, I hardly have done anything. But I will try my best this semester. I could’ve done math better last semester. Because I’ve always love math, I don’t want to lose that.

            I’m looking forward for all the classes work to be easier and more interesting. If that happened, I think I will pass my every class.

            The only class I’m worried about is math. I really want me do well in math. To some people, math is very easy, and I want that for me too. I wish math would be easier than before. I don’t think I’m worried about other classes.

            The only thing I want my teachers to know is that I can do it. I can do my best and try me best to do the things I don’t know. And also I can sing. Ha Ha.

            The only thing I want myself to improve is to do my best. And don’t give up so quickly.

            I think PANYC is good. I can wake up late and all the teachers are great, and so caring. The work is ok too. And we also have a lot of fun too.

            Nothing really upset me about being a PANYC student. Only math I guess.



                                                                                                Karen Qu