Subj: letter 
Date: 2/7/2002 5:14:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent from the Internet

Dear Paul,Judi,Terry,Persheen,Carol :
      I remember went particularly well every class
it's better,because you know every classroom teachers
is very good teach.but my favorite it's Mr Terry and
Ms Carol,I fell like those two excellent teachers.also
I think might have gone better every teachers, for
Paul'class i think one week about 2 to 3 days we need
to get in computer class for work, doing project, tape
writhing, going to web side, if somebody have problem
just coming to help them,solve these problems. In
Judi'class I think should be absorbed to teacher teach
science knowledge, if they don't understrand this
question you must ask teacher to help tell you the
answer. for Terry'class I think he is good
teach,because sometimes i don't know something,but his
was usually to help me, So i know some thing.for Ms
Carol'class I think she very good teacher,look like
everybody'mother,everyone like her,some studens be her
it's best friend.sometimes someone was said and angry
,she was everybody's happy emissary.if someone was
angry she can help.
      I  think in this last semester was very
especially well good for myself, I feel happy to going
to this strand. In next year I wish I can again be in
this panyc class, to learn a lot of information and to
know more knowledge.I hope in after this year I will
have done better last semester. I will be looking
forward to continuing this semester in every
class,because in this class the teacher was good and
the students also was better too. SoI like  panyc
class.if someone doesn't know something the teachers
and students can help everyone, to slove these
     I don't worried about my class,because I remember
in this class was great class.I want to read a lot
English books,because when I read book usually i get
many of i don't understand words and some hard
difficult sentences,but the teacher all ways to help
everybody. I don't think so in this semester i get
specific skills work. right now I just learn more than
more English, to speak very faster and clear. In panyc
class I feel sometimes was confused. in next year I
was lucky ,I need being a PANYC student.
    After I hope every PANYC teachers was happy
everyday and lucky everyday.
                          Your student :LeLe

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