Subj: Letter 
Date: 2/5/2002 11:01:14 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent from the Internet

Dear Paul, Judi, Terry, Persheen and Carol
    Last semester went really well for me and I hope that this semester goes
better.   I also want to thank all of you for teaching me new things in the
last semester and thankyou  for giving me good grades. This new semester I'm
going to try my best to pass all the classes and learn more.
    Carol,  I want to thank you because in the last semester  you helped me
with many problems. I also liked your class because we dont have to do too
much work and also because you have many interesting books. I have improve
my English and now Im reading really fast. The book I was reading was "PUSH"
and  I read it in TWO days. In your class Im looking forward to read "DOWN
THIS MEAN STREET' and to keep on reading other books about teens real life
     Paul I ve also learn many things about computers in your class. And
your class is very very fun I liked very much eventhought we did have to do
may things in your class but I still liked it and it was really fun.In your
class Im looking forward to keep on using the computers and to doother
projects like the one we did in the computer of  Then and Now.
    Judy I like your class because of the different types of activities we
do and the different videos you sometimes show us. And I liked the topics
you teached us because they are really interesting and they are not as
difficult.Sometimes I do have problems in your class because you sometimes
dont give us enough time to finish the activities. And Im sorry I know that
sometimes in your class we talk to much but I think thats because you
shouldnt  make groups like the last time you made them because even I didnt
do much work in the last activity. Miss please no more DNA. You should paly
the rittle game other times.
     Persheen I like your class because of the way you explain the lessons
and if there is something we dont  understand until we dont understand it
you dont stop explaining and thats good. I also like that you are   always
there to help us with your work when ever we are confused about something.  
Im not that good at math Ive always have had problems with it but Im going
to try to improve. Ive learn a lot in your class and Im going to try to keep
on learning   not only in your class but in all of them. I hope to keep on
using the calculators. I get really nervous when we have to go to your class
because when it comes to math I think Im going to go crazy.
      Terry I like your class. But I wonder why we dont do acting anymore
that was one of my favorite things in your class.You never put me in the
groups I want to be, is not because I dont like the people of the groups you
put me in but because they bother me too much but is cool. In your class Im
looking forward to study about the cultures of other countries like Egypt
and others. I also hope that in this semester  we keep on acting and that we
do the T.V. reports again.
    I feel good about been a Panyc student because it is good and also
because I like the schedule.  The teachers are the best and the works are
not that hard. Sometimes I dont feel confortable in panyc because some
students are annouying and they bother me to much. I will also like to have
lunch third period.
                                PA 3 student

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