Subj: letter 
Date: 2/5/2002 8:27:50 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
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Dear teachers:

    I am Mariela . I write you a letter to let you know how I think I
did last semester.
First I want to let you know that the semester was a little hard, but
somehow I think that I did well in almost all the class’s. I think
that in Paul’s class I did well the drawings of the eight ways and the
four ways. In Judi’s class I think that I did well the fingerprints
topic. In Terry’s class I think that I did well when we were talking
about the elections in New York. In Persheen’s class I think that id
did well the vocabulary words, it was hard to do especially the examples and
in Carol’s class I did well “Then and Now” project, when
we did the poems and that things, but I think that I did especially well
reading books and making logs. I know that in the beginning I was doing not
so good  but later I think that I did better. I think that this things I did
well, but also I did things not so well and for be better I think that I
need: In Judi’s and Persheen’s class do more homework’s.
In Terry’s class participate more. In Carol’s class  read more
and participate more, and in Paul’s class ask more for things that I
don’t understand.
Something that I am worried about and something that I don’t like is
when the teachers mix the class’s too much. I don’t like it
because it is so confused for me, and for each class I think that I
don’t have problems to be worry.
For this semester I want learn more about computers, I want have more
Carol’s class and a little less math. I said this because almost all
the days we have math so it is too much.
Something that makes me feel good about being in Panyc is that I have very
nice teachers that are helping me to improve my English and also I like
Panyc because there I have good friends, and something that upsets me about
being a Panyc student is that sometimes we get too much homework.

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