Subj: "A letter from Ramandeep" 
Date: 1/31/2002 6:17:09 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Sent from the Internet

Dear, Paul, Judi, Terry, Persheen, and Carol

    Hello! It’s me Ramandeep. I would like to tell you something about your
classes. I would like to talk about how your classes are helping me and not
helping me.
Mr,Allison your class is really good. I learned a lot of things last
semester. All of PANYC students created their own web pages. First I thought
it was going to be really hard but then it turned out to be just fine.
Sometimes I had problems finding my way out of something but with your help
I was able to do that. If now I had to create another web page I can do it.
You gave us enough time to get things done and some I took that time to
finish what I was given. Last semester I think I really did a good job
creating my own web page. I could have made it better. But, when I was done
and I wanted to change something I changed it. But after I have uploaded
what I have changed there were changed which you couldn’t see. So, I just
kept my web page the same. For this semester I am looking forward for
getting the same help that I got last semester. Sometimes I get worried that
what if I don’t understand anything in class. But, I really try to pay
attention. I want you to know that I am a hard working person and I would
like to do my work really well. This semester I would like to do more
schoolwork at my house than I did before.
Ms. Chilowitz I really like the way you teach. I learned a lot last
semester. And I think that one day everything you have taught me will help
me. I did my best in your class but I would want to do much better. Last
semester I loved the lesson about DNA. Anyone can give me a test about DNA
anytime and I will be able to get good grade. I think you will teach us the
same way you did last semester. I am worried about what if I don’t do as
good as last year. But, I will try my best. I really try to pay attention,
learn what I can learn, and study as hard as I can. I want to improve my
test grades. I think I didn’t do that well on test last semester. I would
want to go home and study much more if I have a test.
Mr.Judson I really like your class because I love history and having a
teacher that teach really nicely. I learned a lot last semester. I think I
should answer more questions and try to learn as much as I can. I really
liked doing the research paper on Native Americans. Now I know much more
about Native Americans than before. I could have made my research paper
better. I am looking forward of learning more history and this time I want
to put my best effort into it. I want you to know I try to put my best
effort in your class and I really want to do well in school and to reach my
goals. This semester I want to learned more history and I want to do
Mr.Maxwell I really like your class. And I understand everything really
well. But, sometimes I have problem understanding. I love to work on word
problems. I think that I am really good at it. I only need to understand the
problem really well. Last semester I really liked the equations. I learned a
lot from you and I am looking forward for learning even more. I am worried
about what if I don’t understand something. I know I can always ask you but
sometimes I get confused. I want you to know if I plan to do well in school
I will do anything to reach my goal. And I want to reach my goal by working
hard as I can and do as much work as I can. I want to do more word problems
about math at home. I would like to go to library and get a book with
problems and try to solve them. I am sure that will help me a lot.
    Ms.Tureski I just love your class you make it so much fun. I love to read
books. I think I did well in your class but I could have done better. Last
semester I read a lot of books, which really increased my reading speed. I
could have read even more books. I am looking forward of learning, reading
good books, and increasing my reading speed more. I want to tell you that I
really love books and if I get a book that I really like I would want to
finish it and then do something else. Sometimes if I have finished a book I
think about it at night. I think about what if I was that person and would I
do. This semester I want to read more books.
    I feel good for being a PANYC student because I have great teachers. All of
you help me a lot by teaching me new things that is really nice. Not
everyone gets great teachers and chance to get education. I think I’m lucky
and I should try to do my best in school. This is my chance to get
education, which only comes once in a life. What I mean is I won’t be 15
years old over and over again. I just want to say thanks a lot for helping
me and for giving me good education. I hope you will help me this semester
    Nothing really upsets me for being a PANYC student. I come to school to get
education and I do get education in school. I am happy and thankful about
that. I believe that a person could do anything if he/she really wants to. I
want to be a lawyer and I know one day I will become a great lawyer. I only
have to believe in my self.

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