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Date: 2/5/2002 11:47:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
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Dear teachers:


            In the last semester my classes went very good and I put all my effort to be a good student. Because I put all my effort, my energies were low after the semester finally finished. My goal for the next semester is work more hard and gets an A+ in all your classes. Paul and Carol, in your class I did very well even we worked a lot in computers and we read a lot. Judi I did well in your class even that sometimes the classes you gave us were a little bit hard. Terry in your class I did very well and you gave me a B+.


             Paul’s class the 8 ways of drawing went well. Carol’s class the reading and the reading logs went well. Judi’s class the projects about fingerprints and DNA went well. Terry’s class the USA Government and the Native Americans. Persheen class the angles and parallel lines went very well.


             What I worried about in each class is work hard, so I can get good grades and don’t be late. What I look forward to continue in each class is put all my effort to still be a good student and work hard.


              What makes me feel good to be a PANYC student is that if you have any problem you can tell any teacher and they can help you. What upset me is that we have to do a lot of projects.





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