Subj: reflections 
Date: 2/4/2002 12:47:47 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
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Dear Mr. Paul, Persheen, Terry and MS Judith, and Carol

Well hi to everybody the thing that went good in Paul was to behave in the
computer lab and to help each other by supporting them in each issue that
they had, in Judith’s class well I will be honest it dint went to good
because I started to hang around with my friends in class and not
participating in class and something that prove me that I was acting wrong
was a test that we had and I fail it but that wasn’t that worst thing, the
worst thing was that comment that she put me on the test, but that also help
me to realized that I was acting wrong so for that I thank MS Judith to put
me that comment on my test so for now on I will start  doing my home work
and paying attention in my class.
In perheen’s class I think I’m doing good in his class but I need him to
give me a good advice to improve in his class and I will be waiting for that
advice, finally in Carol’s class I think I’m doing pretty good in her class
and I will be continuing doing that.
Now my worries, well my worries in each class is that in some times I get a
little lazy doing the work and not paying attention in class but hopefully
that will not happen if I put in to my class more effort and nothing else.
I want the teachers to know that I’m not so good in drawing with point
perspective and those things but in the other classes I think that the
teachers know every thing about me.
The thing that makes me happy is to be in panyc because the teachers help
you in every thing that you need and the most important thing is the besides
giving you help they give support in the work that you do, and the final
that I want to tell you is e-mail me to give me advices about my work.


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