Subj: HI 
Date: 2/5/2002 11:34:30 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected]
Sent from the Internet

Dear teachers from Panyc class I would like to say that I give my
congratulations for your dedication. I learned many things from all of you.
I would like to say thank you very much for it.

Mr. Paul Allison, I think that you are a dedicated teacher who loves your
job.  For example I admire you because you know a lot of technology and you
like to share your skills with all of us. I learn things that I didn’t
learn before for example I learn how to do a weep page and I learn how to up
And another thing that I learn is how to type fast.

Ms. Judi I think that you put a lot of effort in your work and I’m
sure that you work hard to let us understand the class. I think that the
thing that you teach is really interesting and I know that my last semester
was not so good with the tests but I’m goanna try my best in this

Mr. Terry Judson let me tell you that I really like your class because I
really like history and I’m sure that the way that you teach I learn
so many interesting things and I can prove with my tests that I like history
And the ways that you teach; thank you for your effort.

Ms. Carol Tureski I appreciate the things that you do for us. First at all I
want to tell you that you are a very sweet person who makes me feel
comfortable to express myself in the class and another thing that I want to
say is that I thank you to make me read because I learn from that.  Moreover
you are a very qualified teacher.  You are an asset in this high school.

No more to say I would like to tell you all that good luck…

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