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Date: 2/4/2002 1:45:41 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: Allisonpr
CC: [email protected], [email protected], CTureski

Dear Paul, Persheen, Judy, Carol and Terry
Being a one of your students is my pleasure, I feel respectful and
appreciated there, but there are also some things that I would it like to be
different, that I would like to talk about in this letter.
Mr. Paul... I like your class ( computer lab of course ). And there
is nothing that bothers me of makes me feel disappointed. Of course there are
some things that I would like you to say. First - could you please stop
making phone calls! You probably have no idea how many trouble are you
getting us in after you hang up the phone. But I'm afraid there is nothing to
do about it :-( And I think that there is nothing else. I THINK... or I just
Mr. Persheen... Uhhh.. and here is going to be a lot. hehe, naaahhhh..
I'm just kidding... I still haven't seen my Raport Card... so I'm still nice.
hehe OK... first thing ( and the most important ) I don't know if you just
like a letter B or you just like the sound of it.. or you're just torturing
me. hehe. Everytime when you say Tatiana.....I know that you mean me because
when you say Tatiana C.. then you don't wait.. you say it quickly. And when
you just say Tatiana and then you wait.. I know its me. And sometimes when
you ask me I'm happy to answer because I know the answer. But sometimes.. its
just terrible. And you're one of those teachers that waits until gets answer.
I'm not saying that its bad. I think that you're a great teacher and that you
know how to make us understand just.......hmmm.. its
just the way you look at us when we don't know the answer. and it stresses us
a lot and then it even worst to answer. Ok, I think that I said all that I
wanted to hear. And remember there are also other letters in the alphabet
than B.
Ms. Judy...I think that your class is okay. Its just that you know that I'm a
person that talks a lot, so please don't get upset when I talk. Sometimes its
just because I don't understand some things and I'm waiting until someone
notices it. You probably think that it isn't any excuse for talking... I just
couldn't find any better one. I think that your class is very interesting and
I'm looking forward to attend it. I'm sorry for talking.. I'll try to get
some medications for this. :-P
Ms. Carol...Reading isn't one of my best sides. But by attending your class I
learned that it could be interesting. I liked almost all the books that I
have read. I think that you treat me with a respect like every other student
in a class. I like your class and I'm also looking forward to attend it next
semester. I think that there is nothing that I would change in your
class... yeah.. one thing.. Could you please let us read on the hallway?
Please... :-)
Mr. Terry... I think that writing to you, I'm gonna have to write for you as
a " double teacher" You are a great teacher for both of my classes: Social
Studies and Drama class. If there would be anything that I could change in
your class would be your way of making us groups. I'm always in a group of
people that I cant get to understand. I am absolutely not saying that I don't
like my classmates,...but...I think you know what I'm saying and I don't have
to explain my self. You are great drama class teacher also. You act funny and
that is cool.
Ok, now I'm gonna write a letter to all of you, because I think that the rest
in similar to all of you.
I like all of you classes. And as I said above there is not so many things
I would change if I only could. So...I'll try to make all the improvements.
I'll try, but I don't promise to REALLY make them. So.. Ms. Judy's class.. no
talking. Mr. Persheen... no gum. Mr. more checking my mail instead
of doing my work. Ms. Carol... reading instead of talking. Mr. Terry... stop
turning around and not paying attention.. wait... am I doing it? :-P
I think that if I wouldn't talk and pay attention in classes last
semester.. it would be better.
I also don't think that it was so bad because I didn't get sooo bad grades, it was medium, but it could have been better. So, this semester, I'll try to make it better. and if I wont.. I'll be in trouble.
I like being PANYC student because I have a lot of friends that are in PANYC. I also like my schedule. I hope that I'll stay in this school next year.