Subj: Willi's letter to my PANYC teachers 
Date: 2/1/2002 1:03:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
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To all my PANYC teachers,

In my opinion I think you all did well last semester, you gave us very good
explanations on the subjects you were teaching but at the same time I found
them complicated to do.

What I think of the things that you might have done better is that you need
to work a way to put more than one teacher on the computer room, three
teachers would be excellent but two is okay, I know that you are very busy
because you don’t only have one strand but instead you have three, but in my
opinion it would be for a very good help not only for the teacher that’s in
the computer room but for the students as well.

I think I did nothing good last semester the only thing I did good was the
class work from what I remember nothing else, but I could have done a lot
better if I would have shown early to all my classes and done all my
homework. What I’m looking forward to is be early to all my classes and not
only do the class work but the homework also, and that’s one of my goals for
this semester.

What I’m worried about this semester is that the teachers won’t help me not
only to explain me the subjects but instead to do my homework also
jeeeejoooojuuuujaaaa just kidding, for real!!! The only thing that I want
from the teachers this year is to help me to understand the work.

Some of the things that all the teachers and Mrs.Carol don’t know about me
is that I also read the Spanish newspaper, well I don’t read it all
sometimes I do but I do read all the sports section, and from what I think
that should count has reading too.

Math is one of the skills that I want to improve, when I saw Mr.Persheen I
though that math was going to be boring with him, but things with him it
isn’t like that he’s a very good teacher not only explaining the subject but
the way he refer [treat] himself to us the students. With him math is just
fun to learn, that’s why I want to improve my math abilities before I move
on to my next year with a different math teacher [if you know what I mean].

I like to be a PANYC student because in here they let you say wherever you
want to say like right now with this letter, it is like they let you express
your feelings and your own ideas. The thing that I don’t like about being a
PANYC student is that Mr.Paul doesn’t give you time to finish your work in
the computer room like right now with this letter he thinks that we could
type as fast as him, well think again Paul.

       Att. Your incredible student Willi.

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