Write a letter to your teachers about your learning

Write a letter to your teachers in PANYC. Let them know how last semester went for you and what you are worried about and what you are looking forward to in this new semester.

Write to
Paul Allison
[email protected]
Judi Chilowitz [email protected]
Terry Judson [email protected]
Persheen Maxwell [email protected]
Carol Tureski [email protected]

In your letter answer the following questions.

1. What do you think went particularly well in Paul's class... Judi's class... Terry's class... Persheen class... and Carol's class...
2. What do you think might have gone better? Where might things be improved in each teacher's class? (Please be specific.)
3. What did you do especially well last semester?
4. What could you have done better last semester?
5. What are you looking forward to continuing this semester in each of the teacher's classes?
6. What are you worried about in each class?
7. What do you wish the teachers knew that they don't seem to know when it comes to you as a... reader... writer... math student... history student... science student... or a student in general?
8. What specific skills do you want to work on most for yourself this semester?
9. What makes you feel good about being a PANYC student?
10. What upsets you about being a PANYC student?

After you compose your letter using Word or FrontPage, use spell check, and print a copy of your letter. Then copy your letter into one e-mail to all of your teachers. Be sure to use an address that your teachers can use to respond to you.

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