Below is the assignment students were given.  Upon return to school, they were asked to write two more logs and two more responses.

E-mail Two Reading Logs
Mid-Winter Break HomeFun

Over the break, read in your book for at least 30 minutes each day. Your responsibility is to communicate with your book group about the book you are reading and to respond to their books.

You need to write:

Send your logs and responses to four people. Each E-mail should have these four addresses in the "Send To" box:

2. ___________________________
        [If you need to find a partner's e-mail address go to "Class Members" in Nicenet.
3. [email protected]
4. [email protected]


Two Examples of Reading Logs

As the book is going on I am getting really mad about this girl. I think she should face here parents and do something to change her sytuation. First of all her momis so fat that Precious could simply run away from her house and her mother would not by able to do anything. Second if all I think she should get some help like welfare finish school and go to work. In the time that she is in school she can leave her baby at her grandmother's or in the kindder garden. I don't know how she plans her life or if she even once thought how she wants to plan her life but if I would be here I would change everything!!!  Marta

Hi! it's me again, you know? I think i'm falling in love with this book, and maybe it's because everything is so real, the way this little girl acts it's just like so interesting, I mean i'm sure every single girl have been facing through this situation before; what I'm trying to say is that when a girl is growing up she feels very curious about this kind of things (when her body starts to change, her first period and stuff like that) and that's exactly what is this book is about. Also these chapters that I'm reading remind me a lot my cousin that is almost the same age of Margaret and she acts just like her; and she reminds me too, when she had to change to a new school she was so afraid of it, she was wondering how would it be, that happened to me too when I came to this school, finally (i'm running out of ideas) I don't know, I think this is all!


Two Examples of Responses

Hi! Mo, how're u doing ;o)
I just read your letter and I think it's interesting to hear about those teenagers, tell me more about the girl you picked; what happeded to her friends? Are they going to trust her anymore? In my opinion if you don't trust someone or someone doesn't trust you then they're not friends, the most important thing in friendship is when you can trust your friends, right? :o)
Well, Hope you'll write soon.

I really agree with most of the theing you wrote specially with the thing about the ending. I was thinking of many ways to end the story and I was trying to make the ending interesting but at the end i got sad because of all the endings it chose a very simple one. The same thing happen to me when I started reading the book at the beginning I thought it wasn't going to be very good but then it started given many turns that I wasn't expecting.


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