Hypertext Math Paper:  Process Page
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Text Inserts Hyperlinks Appearance
Rewrite and expand the 8 math logs that you wrote for Persheen while you were making your board. You should also have typed these logs into Nicenet.org under Conferences for your strand.

Answer these four questions. Write as if you are writing a "How To" Manual (e.g. First you... After that you...)

1. How did you draw your design on pencil and paper?

2. How did you enlarge and transfer your design to newsprint for the 15 inch by 15 inch board?

3. How did you construct the board? (Describe nailing, painting and stringing.)

4. How did you plot points and construct segments using the Geometer's Sketchpad? 


This is the scan of your pencil and paper drawing of your design.


This is the image you made with Snag It from your Sketchpad version of your design


Some students will use images in the background of this page.

You may also add small images from the Internet to the text.

Create hyperlinks to these three pages, which should already be saved in your stringart folder:




Set your
 hyperlinks to go to
Target Frame,
 New Window.

Insert a Hyperlink into the image snagit.jpg that links to


This is the Sketchpad version of your whole design in Geometer's SketchPad (gsp) format. A link to this file will enable your readers to download it and use your design if they have a Sketchpad program on their computers.

Copy and add these two sentences below the image snagit.jpg

Click in this image to download a Sketchpad version of my design.

Click here to learn more about The Geometer's Sketchpad  and to download the Instructor's Evaluation Edition.

The link your readers will need is:

Keep or make the images, scan.jpg and snagit.jpg, 300 pixels by 300 pixels. Use Adobe Photoshop resize the images and to make them look good.

Use a template under File, New to create a table for your page.


Under Table, Insert a table that has at least 2 columns and 4 rows so that you can put the images beside the text.

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