Making String Art with SketchPad

1. Open the sketch stringart.gsp from the Desktop of a computer in M315.

Alternative if you are not in school: From any computer where you have the Geometer's Sketchpad 4.0, click here to download stringart.gsp, and Save it to a folder. Then open The Geometer's Sketchpad, and open stringart.gsp.

2. Hide Tool Box, by clicking on the bottom button in Display.

3. You need to draw a sketch of your complete string art design so that it fits onto one computer screen. This graph shows about 100 points on the x-axis and 60 points on the y-axis. Do nothing if this graph shows enough points for you to re-create your wood-and-nail version of your string art project on one screen.

If you need to or want to change the scale of this graph, click on Show All Hidden in Display. Two red dots will appear at (0,0) and (1,0). You can change the scale of this graph by moving the point at (1,0) to the right or left.

4. Use Save As to save this blank graph into a folder titled "stringart."

Be sure to keep saving your work from time to time.

While you are making your sketch keep saving it as a Sketchpad Document (*.gsp).


5. Click on Plot Points in Graph to bring up this window.

You should not place points any other way. DO NOT use the Point Tool to plot points. Instead you need to figure out the coordinate pair that describes where each nail is on your board.

6. Plot a point on this Sketchpad graph to re-create where each point is on your pencil-paper version of your design and where each nail is on your board.

7. After you have plotted all the points for your design, select the appropriate points and Construct a Segment where each string is on your hammer-and-nail version.

8. Find Preferences at the bottom of Edit, click on the Color tab, and change the Background color to match the way you have painted your board in the hammer-and-nail version, if possible.

To change the colors of the plots (to match the colors that you have painted your nails), click on each point, then go to Color under Display.

Change the colors of each line to match the color you have chosen for each string as well.


9. When you are completely finished, save a final version of your sketch as a Sketchpad Document (*.gsp).

10. We'll use SnagIt to capture a Jpeg (*.jpg) version of your final sketch which you will insert into a Web page (*html) page.


Click here to print this page.