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Guidelines for systems.htm

Text Inserts Hyperlinks Appearance

Recently Persheen asked you to write a letter to a friend about Systems of Equations. This was his assignment:

Write a 5 paragraph letter explaining how to solve a system of equations using:
1. graphing method
2. substitution
3. elimination
4. Which method do you link and why?
5. Talk about any problems you have with any of the methods

Turn this letter into your systems.htm page.
1) Delete the opening (Dear...) and closing (Yours truly...).
2) Just use descriptive sentences from the letter.
3) On this page DO NOT give any examples.
4) Explain why Systems of Equations are useful in describing the lines in your section of your String Art Project. (If you aren't sure why, find out!)
5) Be sure to mention graphing, substitution, and elimination in your text so that these words can become links.

No inserts are required on this page.


Some students will use images in the background of this page.

You may also add small images from the Internet to the text.

Create hyperlinks to these four pages, which should already be saved in your stringart folder:





Set your
 hyperlinks to go to
Target Frame,
 New Window.

The title for this page should be "Systems of Equations" (not Systems).

Use a template under File, New to create a table for your page.


Under Table, Insert a table that has at least 2 columns and 2 rows so that you can put the links beside each other.

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