Hypertext Math Paper: Theme Page
Guidelines for theme.htm
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Text Inserts Hyperlinks Appearance
Look at the design and come up with a title that describes it.

Identify yourself as the artist, and say something about the work reflects your thinking.

Why did you choose the design you did? What does it mean to you?

Expand on (or change completely)  the card that you wrote in Persheen's class for the Parent-Teacher Conferences.

The text must be in both English and in your Native Language, with all accent marks correct.


A photograph of your board was dropped into your stringart folder. It is probably saved as a file with your first name or your first initial and last name. Insert this image in the middle of this page.


Some students will use images in the background of this page.

You may also add small images from the Internet to the text.

Create hyperlinks to these three new pages, which should be saved into your stringart folder:




Use the template for your guide, and don't change much on this page.

Keep or make the image, yourname.jpg, 450 pixels by 450 pixels. Also use Adobe Photoshop to make your image look good.

In Table Properties, Specify width as 725 pixels.

Keep this page as simple as possible. It should be a lot like the template.

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