Uploading to the World Wide Web
File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Read the steps below, and follow the red numbers to the right.

1. Open the WS_FTP LE program.  Either find a shortcut or find the program in the PANYC folder.

2. Make sure the "Host Name" is ihs-panyc.org

3. Your "User ID" is panyc plus a number (1-23) with no space. Ask your teacher what your group User ID number is, and remember it for the future.

4. Your Password is a 4-digit number. After you find out what this number is, remember it, write it down somewhere safe, and do not give it to anybody else.

After you have put in your "User ID" and your "Password," click OK.

5. This will be the next box that appears. Type your 4-digit password again in this box.

This is the screen that you will see once you have connected to the ihs-panyc.org  Web site. Notice that there are two sides with arrows between them.

6. The "Local System" boxeson the left side show the drives and files that exist here in computers in this Computer Center.

7. The "Remote Site" boxes on the right side � show the folders (also called directories) and files that exist on a computer many miles away, in Canada. These folders and files are always available for anyone to look at when they use a browser (such as the Internet Explorer) to locate our World Wide Web site: ihs-panyc.org

Your goal is to take files or folders
from the "Local System"
 and upload them to the "Remote Site."

8. In the large box on the right side (the "Remote Site"), you will see a folder with your name on it and two other folders. Never go into another student's folder. The first thing you should do when you come to this screen is to click on the folder beside your name. The example that is shown here is what the student, Stalin would do.

Make both sides the same. The folders and files that appear on the left side should be the same as the folders and files that appear on the right side.

9. After you click on the folder beside your name, you should see your name pop up in the long box on the right side. You should also see a folder titled "books." If you don't see this folder, create it by clicking on the MkDir (make directory) button, and type "books." A folder will then appear in the box where the #9 is above.

10. Locate your folder on the Z-drive by clicking on the triangle on the right side of the "Local System" box. You need to have your hard-drive folder (first initial plus last name) to appear in the long box on the left side.

11. All of the files--including images--connected to your bookad.htm pages should be in a folder titled "books" that exists inside of your Z-drive folder.

Click on the books folder in the "Local System" (11)
and click on the books folder in the "Remote Site (9)." 

12. After you click on a folder on the "Remote Site" its title will pop up into the long box on the right side at the top.

13. After you click on a folder on the "Local System" that folder's title will pop up into the box above on the left side, and the files in that folder will appear.

Please Note: You must upload all files that are associated with a particular Web page (.htm) document. For example, here Stalin has a background image and another image (hip-hop group) that need to be uploaded with his penpal.htm file. 

Also:  Be sure that your book ad page is saved with this exact title:


It should not have any capital letters or spaces.


14. In the bigger left  "Local System" box, click ONCE on the first file, then hold the shift button and press the down arrow to highlight all the files in this folder that you want to upload.

15. In the middle, between the two sides, find the arrow that points to the right and click on it. The "Transfer Status" box will appear. This make take a few minutes.


If everything in the box numbered 16 and everything in the box numbered 17 looks the same... and it says "Transfer complete" (18) in the lower left corner, than you have completed your upload, and you can click on the "Close" button.

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