Intro to Computers


This is a semester long class required of all tenth graders at Landmark High School. It is designed to facilitate the integration of technology across curriculum and to give you tools to use for your graduation portfolios.

This course begins with an introduction to basic computer literacy, and should quickly evolve into an intermediate web design class, where students master the basics of the HTML programming language. I teach the HTML programming language, as opposed to a Web editor because it is important to provide students with the tools that allow them to become producers of information, rather than consumers.

From your replies to my survey questions, it's clear that class is composed of students who start with various skill levels where technology is concerned. While most students have personal computers in their homes, many have never used a presentation application (such as PowerPoint), most have never developed a Web site, but very few have never been exposed to a computer. If it is respectfully accepted that not everyone knows everything, the mix of skill levels can be an advantage in the computer classroom. As in all other classrooms in Landmark, the line of learning does not just go from teacher to students but from student to student and student to teacher. Peer editing and commentary and students assisting one another is integral to the success of this class. Respect one another's abilities, questions and problems. Respect other's questions, take the chance of asking questions yourself and take the chance of answering other people's questions. You always learn more yourself both by asking and answering questions. Not everyone has all the answers. This is true in general but particularly so in the fast changing world of computers.

Upon completion of this class, students will be able to:

In addition to the projects you will complete involving each of these tools, all students will be expected to keep a notebook of concepts, vocabulary and project ideas. I will periodically be giving quizzes to reinforce students understanding of concepts and vocabulary and to reinforce the habit of keeping notes. For all quizzes, students will be allowed to look at their notes.