Web Design

Your basic document will look something like this:

<title>Web Page</title>

<h1>This is a start</h1>

<p>My second paragraph is solid.

<p>Enough already when does class end?


If you want to add images, color, links, formatting, sound, animation, scripts, check out the tutorials below:

  • HTML Tutorial
  • HTML Tags
  • Color Codes
  • About.com
  • Flaming Text.com
  • Another HTML Tutorial

    The Ten Commandments of a School Web Page:
  1. All pictures must be sized down and appropriate. If they are too big it will take forever to download.
  2. Choose your background carefully. I prefer simply choosing a color. Your background should not overpower your words. If I can't read your work, your grade will suffer.
  3. Stolen images will be kept to a minimum. You may not have more than three pictures of celebrities, cartoon characters, cars, etc. anywhere on your site. These images may not appear on your first page (index.html). Drawn pictures and photos from home that are scanned are OK.
  4. Choose all downloaded images very carefully. You will be immediately asked to remove any images of scantilly clad persons (I don't care if it is J-Lo).
  5. Create a separate link and page for your school work. It should appear clearly on your home page.
  6. Be careful what you write on your web page. Inappropriate language, such as cursing, is not allowed and you do risk failure.
  7. The "n" word will not be permitted. You wouldn't write it in an essay so don't even think about posting it on your web page.
  8. Make sure your font sizes are appropriate. More than one size on a page is OK, but make sure your headers (h2's) are all uniform.
  9. Organizing your web page so it is aesthetically pleasing is important. Your margins should be appropriate and center tags should be placed where necessary.

Things to Remember:
  • Close your tags!
  • Close your body tag at the very end of your page.
  • Remember to type file names exactly the way they appear in your file, especially when dealing with images.
  • If you're using a black/ dark background, you must change the color of your font so your page will be readable. For example, if you are using a black background, the most suitable font color is white.
    A simple rule of thumb: The darker the background, the brighter the font color.
  • Make sure you check your spelling!