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Schools closed Wednsday, September 12

Written by Chancellor Levy on 09-12-2001

(This is the statement made by Chancellor Harold Levy at 6:32 PM on Tuesday, 9/11) "The tragedy that has befallen our city is one that will reverberate throughout time. I agree with the Mayor that this City will rise to the occasion. The school system will do its part."

"I want everyone to know that we have dismissed children in an orderly
fashion, and that schools will remain open late this evening to ensure that
children get home safely. In addition, I have asked principals and
superintendents to be alert to the fact that there will be children and staff
whose family members are personally affected by the tragedy. Children who
use yellow school buses and who are not met at bus stops by parents or
guardians will be brought back to a central location in each school district.
Parents who have transportation questions should call the Emergency Bus
Hotline number (718) 392 8855."
"In consultation with the Mayor, I have decided to close all public schools
tomorrow. However, I am asking principals, assistant principals, guidance
counselors, social workers, psychologists and crisis teams to report to their
schools tomorrow to prepare plans to respond to the tragedy. That work will
include coordinating crisis intervention, arranging for grief counseling
services and planning other support services for students and staff. I expect
schools will be open on Thursday."
"I think it is important that parents talk with their children this evening about the events of the day to reassure them that they are safe. They should know
that teachers and staff will do everything to keep them safe. School personnel
will be prepared on Thursday to help children respond to the feelings that will inevitably arise from this catastrophic event."
"Finally, I want to express my personal thanks for the extraordinary work of
members of our city's services. Without their extraordinary efforts the tragedy
would have been even worse. I am also grateful for the efforts of the members
of the school system who mobilized quickly to ensure safe evacuation of seven
school buildings near the World Trade Center and who have provided for the
orderly dismissal today."

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