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Written by Former LandMark Student on 11-24-2002

What he was saying was that the military gets all this money. Military is a big word. We as workers don't hardly see the money he is talking about, that money goes to Generals and for military weapons hardly if any goes to military personnel. Now as I said before open up a Military pay chart and you will see what I mean. To tell you the truth starting pay at McDonalds is more than what we make. Believe me I didn't join the military to get rich. I came to do a job and I am very good at what I do. Would I like to get paid more, sure who wouldn't, but the way the kid that wrote the article is putting it, it seems like all the cuts they are doing is making the military money. Mind you thats military not military personnel.

I understand that they are making cuts but we (personnel) don't see that money, thats the one fact that seperates us (workers) from the rest of the military. Am I saying its right to cut school funding no but politicians and higher ranking officials take that money no us. When you come in you'll see what I mean. The military has its up and downs but it's not this big bank that everyone is making out to be. Have that kid go to a military recruiter so he can get that facts from the horse's mouth. Mind you you said he got his facts from the Internet. I can also write facts on the internet but are they true, who knows. Like I said before spend a day in my shoes.....

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