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Freemen win Mud Bowl to remain undefeated!

Written by Richard Torres on 12-10-2002

Freemen win two close games in what could be the final week of the SIFL Season.

The Freemen were victorious in both SIFL games last week. Wednesday's game was the closest yet, possibly because Team BDR was not being held back by their oldest player. The Freemen won 6-5- The stats are listed below:


Liridon- 9-16, 2TD, 1 INT

Tony- 5-16, 3 TD, 1 INT

Henry- 8-20, 5 TD, 1 INT

Cecilio- 0-2, 0TD, 1 INT


Tony- 2

Liridon-1, 1TD

Cecilio-2, 2TD

David-7, 2 TD

Allen- 1, 1TD


Victor-2, 2TD

Richard-3, 1TD

Ferby-2, 1 TD

On Friday, the teams played a close and messy game in the mud. Once again, however, the Freemen came out on top. Congratulations to all SIFL players for a great season.

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