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SIFL Update

Written by Richard Torres on 12-18-2002

BDR posts first victory!

After dropping two more consecutive losses, Team BDR finally won a game. The two losses included a hard fought battle in the snow in which the Freemen edged BDR behind the play of Allen "Scruff" McGriff.

Last Friday, however, the tables were turned. The BDR defense smothered the Freemen offense as BDR won 6-2. MVP goes to Jose Reyes, who had 2 interceptions and 2 TDs. Also scoring for BDR were David Velazquez (1 TD) and Erik (3 TD, 2 INT).

The Freemen and Team BDR will meet again this afternoon in the bitter cold. Will BDR continue their streak? Will the Freemen come back strong? Will Kenny score? All these questions and more will be answered this afternoon.

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