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BDR Run Win Streak to Two!

Written by Richard Torres on 12-19-2002

BDR Turns Tables on Freemen in an 8-4 Beating

After losing their first um, several, games of the season, Team BDR took their second consecutive victory of the season, defeating the Freemen 8-4. Why the sudden turnaround?

Some blame the absence of Wyatt Freeman, the inspirational leader of the Freemen. Others note the addition of David Velazquez and Jihad Ford (and what elective did he come from, the crowd murmurs?) to Team BDR. In the author's opinion, however, the wins come as a result of improved team chemistry. At the same time, the formerly cohesive Freemen are starting to fall apart.

MVP awards for Wednesday's game go to the entire BDR team, as their victory was a team effort. Both teams have two weeks off before they meet again- will Team BDR continue their streak?

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