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Sleepy Legends Wake Up in Fourth to Beat MVA

Written by Erik Shold on 01-15-2003

Juan Perdomo picks up his game scoring 21 of his 30 points in the second half to lead the Legends to victory.

The Legends looked a little sleepy in the first half of their game vs Manhattan Village Academy last night. A combination of portfolios, classes, and Wendy's for lunch led to a 36-27 halftime score in favor of MVA.

In the second half, the Legends woke up. After losing Antonio Matos to foul trouble, Cecilio Jalil, Angel Lantigua, Gerald Fieulleteau, Jihad Ford, Kirk Miller, and Juan Perdomo all picked up the pace defensively and offensively for a fourth quarter comeback.

The Legends will face Leadership this Saturday at 9:00 am at Basketball City. They will play without their seniors, who will be away on the ski trip. For the boxscore to last night's game, click here

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