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Lady Legends Overcome Onassis' Magic Bullet

Written by Dennis Joyce on 01-20-2003

Legends Move to 6-0.

Despite trailing the entire game, and despite missing star power forward Yralee Mendez on her mountian ski trip, the Lady Legends stormed back in the later half of the fourth quarter to take the crucial and final lead. Onassis was said to have brought in a ringer, a very skilled point guard who could hit threes, (rumors have it she is the starting point guard for Urban Peace Academy, and the league is investigating) but, still, the Legends kept the game close. Onassis kept pressing and although the did casue some turnovers they were also picking up more fouls. That along with the Legend's repeated drives to the hoop caused four of Jackie O's players to foul out. The Legends never quit led by a strong rebounding performance by Onitria Simmons (13) and Helen De Luna (11) AND Samantha Samuels (10). Scoring was led by Onitria with 15 points, folowed by Samantha with 7, Ingrid with 7, and Jill with 4. Jill's defense was huge all game long, as she sat for only one minute of the game. Ingrid made two crucial baskets at the end to give Landmark the lead. Jennifer only scored one point, her lowest of the season, but managed six rebounds and five steals to help push the Legends over the top. ----One note, Bianca scored her first basket of the year on a great turn around jusmp shot, .... except for the fact that she shot at the WRONG basket, it was beautiful to watch. ---Next game is Thursday against Watleigh.----Special thanks to Crieghton for keeping the books and dealing with idiotic comments form the Onassis rowdies.

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