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Message from Chancellor Klein

Written by Joel Klein on 02-07-2003

To the District 79 Community:

I write to address your concerns about the status of alternative high schools and programs in the reorganization of the school system that Mayor Bloomberg and I have announced.

The alternative schools in New York City have a rich history of providing innovative education that has supported academic success for large numbers of students. We are committed to preserving and expanding on this important work in our Children First reform agenda. We value the models of effective school leadership and in-depth instruction that you have pioneered in many instances. I want to assure you that day-to-day classroom activities and school operations will continue uninterrupted under the reorganization.

The reorganization we are undertaking is necessary to reach the goal of creating an effective school for every student. For too long the New York City public schools have failed far too many of our students. And a major problem has been a district-wide and multi-layered structure that has duplicated and increased bureaucratic functions and led to serious inequities.

The new structure puts the focus on instruction. It organizes the school system in a way that allows us to improve school leadership, professional development and support � all of which are essential to the success of our schools. The new reorganization will provide all schools � including yours � with greater instructional support. It will also allow effective, successful schools to serve as a resource for others in the system.

Under the reorganization, your schools will have access to additional resources such as literacy and math coaches who will work with your principals and teachers. These supports will help teachers reach every student. In addition, there will be Parent Coordinators in each school and in the regional offices to ensure that parent concerns are addressed and that parent engagement is supported.

I also recognize that New York City has many alternative programs developed to reach and support those students who are not progressing toward graduation in other high schools. Alternative programs will fall under the leadership of Dr. Lester Young, Senior Chief Executive for the new Office of Youth Development and School-Community Services. Dr. Young will work to strengthen and ensure the viability of these important education resources.

I know that people have many questions about the comprehensive approach to reading, writing and math that we are introducing citywide this September. We believe that this approach is essential to the success of our students. Some schools, however, will not be required to implement this approach. We will soon be announcing the list of schools that will be exempted from the approach as well as the criteria used to select these schools. Schools and programs that are not selected for exemption will have the opportunity to petition for the right to choose their own curricula.

I am confident that you will find that our reorganization will promote and advance the good work being done in your district and best serve the City�s children.


Joel I. Klein Chancellor

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