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Lawless Legend Looks to Lose for Loot

Written by Anonymous on 03-04-2003

Antonio Matos is on the Take!

It has recently come to my attention that Landmark Legends basketball player Antonio Matos has agreed with an unnamed bookie to tank the student staff game for an undisclosed amount of money.

The current spread for the annual game has the teachers by six points. Apparently, an unnamed bookie wanted more insurance and offered Matos a large amount of money to intentionally play poorly. These kinds of charges are difficult to prove, but look for Matos to miss shots, especially free throws, and commit turnovers in the fourth quarter.

I would like to stress that gambling is illegal and is not allowed at Landmark. Besides, the students face a large enough challenge as it is Friday without having to overcome a "Matos dive".

To see Antonio try and throw the game for yourself, come out to Basketball City at 4:00 this Friday, March 7 to see the Landmark Lady Legends and Legends take on the staff.

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