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Written by LADY LEGEND LOVER on 03-05-2003

JILL BAEZ of the Landmark Lady Legends feels pretty good about her team's chances this year against the female staff. "I think this is one we can put in the bank," said the 16 year old Baez..

--"We had such a great season, it would be a shame to lose this last one," she continued. Asked if she thinks the three week layoff will have any effect on the game's outcome Baez just laughed, "Paola may have the guys and the car and the fly dog, but i got the "J." Baez just had one regret, "I only wish my Greggie could be here to watch us shine." Que linda! ---In other news, Rumor has it that Siu's assistant teacher is a real ringer, out Lady Legends!!!

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