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Softball draft begins today

Written by Dennis Joyce on 03-19-2003

The 2003 Landmark softball team will be kicking off its 4th year on Wednesday the 19th of march.

"Let's face it, championships are won in March, not June," said a concerned Yralee Mendez, on the eve of the big draw. She should know, This is her 4th year as a player and third as a captain. "Getting the right players is the key, and tomorrow we do that." Partnering up in the captain position with rookie senior Domingo Garcia, Yralee is not thrilled about the draft policy of the most talented captains drafting last, and the lesser talented ones getting first choice.

Jill Baez knows what Yralee is talking about. "Me and Joel(Ten) make a strong pair, so we won't be seeing many top choices" echoed Baez. Baez won the championship on the Elvis Greg team that earned her a lot more than just a trophy. "I got a mate out of the deal too," chuckled Jil.

--The other three captain pairings feature the seasoned Tyescha Anglada with rookie captain sophmore Jason Colon, the youngest male captain ever. Also Jihad Ford is paired with star female rookie of the year in 2002 Elizabeth Minaya, and the final spot is positioned by Cecilio Jalil and Ingrid Mathews,..the only captain along with Domingo never to have played in the league. "Heck, if I can bust up the girls in the High school basketball league, I can learn this game," stated a confident Ingrid. Cecelio agreed, "Hey Ingrid is an Athlete, just like Domingo, what she lacks in experience she will make up in ability and effort.'

---Each team will have a male teacher, as Trevor has entered the contest, hoping his highly touted skills in cricket carry over, along with the out of retirement Siu Chan, defending champs Erik Shold and Richard Stohlman, and finally Mr. Hitman, Eric Greenwald, who was batting .1000 before he broke his hand going for a foul ball in wet conditions last year. Also new on the teacher scene is Mary Kaye and Kristin, both had highschool experience, and in the sub roles this year Vivian and Amy round out the teacher crew.

"This is my year," Yralee announced, "I have been on the losing end of two championship games, I am going out a winner this june." -----You can check out what team you are on thursday morning outside Dennis' room. "Let's rock and roll," said Jil. ----It shoould be a great spring on the landmark diamond.

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