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Softball Season Opens Thursday

Written by Dennis Joyce on 03-26-2003

A new year and new Drama awaits as a 5th team enters the league.

Everyone is waiting anxiously as the new season begins. This year there is a fifth team, and this means more opponents and more uncertainty.

Siu Chan feels that the league is as strong talent wise as it has ever been. "Hey I am back in the league for one, and now Richard and Eric will play full time. And Eric Greenwald will play a full season also."

"We will finally see if Eric's numbers will hold up over a full season," Siu lamented. His first year he only made three games, cause of taking graduate classes.

And last year he shared diamond duties with Richard. And everyone wants to see if Richard, the dangerous lefty, can stay healthy over a full season. Although back injuries have plagued his carreer his numbers are undeniable, including the MVP of the 2000 and 2001 All Star Games.

Also what will be interesting to see is if Eric Greenwald can keep up his torrid hitting pace of a year ago, just prior to breaking his hand. Said Yralee his former captain, "When Eric went down we were 3-0, and dominating every game. After he went out we finished the year 2-3 and never regained out confidence heading into the playoffs."

Also, sportswriters are keeping a close eye on rookie captains Domingo Mingito and Ingrid Mathews, but stars in hoops and now trying to be Michael Jordans and transfer their talents from the court to the grass. "People better not sleep on Domingo Yo," said a proud co-captain Yralee, "I think he will surprise a lot of folks with his talents." People are waiting to see what mighty mouse can come up with in her new sport. Said Ingrid, "It may take me a while but I think I can get on base and then use my speed to cause problems for the defense."

Another mystery man will be Asst. principal Trevor, who will be exchanging school responsibilities with on base ones. Yralee figures he too is an athelete, "He was quick and beasting in the staff student basketball game, so I think we will see only good things from Trevor."

Noted girl rookies to watch are Zaira Nieves and Arenny Reyes, and by some masterful work in the draft both ended up on the same team. Said Wilky Mejia, "Don;t sleep on that team, they may have the best girls in the league. And Elizabeth is their captain, and last year she burst onto the scene and shocked everybody. Heck, I am going to make all of their games, so is Kelvin, Javier and Elpidio." Elpidio then added, "Hey Wilky, I go to all the games cause their are fine ladies on evey team." "True, true," responded Wilky.

Whatever your reason for attending, the action begins tomorrow. Teams will meetin the 5th floor lounge and head out of school by 3:10. So be dressed and ready to go.

NOTE: Pinstripe team members who did not receive a uniform yet must wear a white top, and Light blue team members will get their uni's at luch today in Dennis' room. (619). ---any member of the light blue (Yralee) team not getting a uniform must wear a blue or dark colored top. Anyone not in proper attire gets charged strike one as a penalty when approaching the plate.

Also, this game on thursday is on blacktop, so no spikes, wear sneakers!

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