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The Legends Prepare to Destroy the Competition

Written by Siu on 11-02-2001

The Boy's Basketball Team season is beginning.

Under the leadership of senior co-captains Leo Deleon and Flurgencio Gonzalez, the Legends look to roll into their season. They are returning 5 players from last year and looking to improve upon the strong finish of last season. For those of you who are unaware, the Legends finished the season with 5 wins in their last 7 games.

This year's team has 15 players fighting for playing time and the competition is pretty fierce, especially at the guard position. While last year's team was taller and slower, we should look to this year's Legends to run and play a full court game.

The Legends begin their season at 4:00 on November 29th, at Basketball City vs. Economics and Finance.

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