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Week Two in Softball Proves Amazing

Written by Dennis on 04-04-2003

This season has had plenty of drama in three tightly contested Games.

Week Two in Landmark Softball proved very impressive, as eavery team got to showcase their goods, and the Pinstripe team has played two games. On Tuesday dark Blue suffered a two run defeat to the Big Red team Anchored by veteran captains Jill Jeter and Joel Ten. "We fell down big in the first inning but we never quit, that is what I love about this team," said a proud Joel. "It was about survival today," co Captain Jeter stated, "To come away with a win in the rain, without Big Siu, was something we are proud of."

Dark Blue has no reason to be ashamed, they played the entire game with just five guys on the field, as too many no-shows cost them dearly. "We just couldn;t stop them with an outfield wide open," lamented Captain Jason Colon. Moises Contreras, their number one draft choice did show up in the top of the last inning with runners in scoring position and his team down a run, but after running onto the field to a standing ovation, she was unable to deliver in the clutch. "Heck, I won a game last year with a walk-off home run, but I am still a little rusty after a long winter of inactivity," said the slugger. Some think his recent break-up might be partly to blame, but now he has even bigger problems with a severely bruised hand. "If it is not one thing it is another," stated co-captain Tyescha, "You learn to roll with things in this league."

Pinstripes got their bats all juiced up in the late innings yesterday to steal a game from the Black team, "We were not having an 0-2 record," stated Cecilio, "We all just looked at each other and said, "Its not going to go down this way." Sure enough his team respeonded with three big hits in a row, back to back to back triples by Cecilio, Wilky and Eric Greenwald, for the first time in Landmark HS Softball history. Said Wilky, "It feels good to get in the offical record book, but I want more. I think we got the bats to take it to the championship this year. We need to work our defense a little, but when we swing, back up"

Black team was understandably dejected after leading the entire game. Captain Elizabeth Minaya took it well, after picking up where she left off last year making three defensive gems and getting on base using her speed. "I really wanted that one, but hey, we made mistakes and still only lost by one run, we have to feel good about that." Pitching was a bit of a weakness for the black squad, as hurler Eric Shold can only pitch four innings given the new rule, and his team was a little unsure of who the second starter is. "We will iron that out soon, stated co-captain Jihad, we really handed them that game with walks, and with players not showing up. We will be back."

Overall all of these games have been outstanding. Three hard fought wins and three real tough loses. Only one serious warning was issued for sportsmanship points to the dark blue team, as rookie Juan Vasquez, almost lost his cool at the end of the game. Good thing he recovered his composure as a sports point is worth half a win. "That would have killed us," said Jason. But we all learned and we will act better the next time.

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