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Written by Peter Gammons on 04-24-2003

" I Can't Stand That Team"

 Red Team led by Joel Ten and Jill Jeter are a marked team. "I can't stand that team!" This quote was overheard after the game and clearly shows how the Red Team has frustrated opponents. On Wednesday's game, the Light Blue team jumped to an 8 - 0 lead and it seemed the winning streak for the Red Team would be over; but wait. The Red Team buckled down and held their opponent to just two more runs the rest of the game while staging a valiant comeback and wins 12 - 10.

The game ended on a dramatic rundown as Jill Jeter chased the potential tying run down and tagged him out. Said Jonathan Lebron, who would have been up next with the bases loaded: "what the heck was that doof doing running past second anyway?"

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