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Softball Notes

Written by Dennis on 04-27-2003

Post Spring Break News--Uniforms, Stats, Schedule, Lefty Dilema

Those Landmark Players who are uniform-less will have no more excuses for not bringing their proper attire to games from here on in, as all the uniforms have been screened and are available for pick-up. See dennis at 2:45 in room 619 on monday and wednesday to get your Jersey. Hats are also in, they will be given out prior to games this week.---Now this means notice to the rest of the league, if you are without your shirt for a game your team will suffer, as you will face an immediate strike one each time you are up. Captains are strongly encouraged to remind players about game dates.

The schedule for this week is as follows:

-Tuesday, Black vs Lt. Blue -- hecksher #1

-thursday, Pinstripe vs Dk. blue, North Meadow #9 (C or B train to 97th st.)

-Friday, Lt. Blue vs Pinstripe, Hecksher #5

--also remember the make up game from April 8th is on Monday May 2, vs DK. Blue at the astro-turf field --96th st and 2nd ave.

Top batters in the league show some of the seasoned Veterans. Joel Ten leads all batters with 9 hits in 10 at bats. Also high up are Richard, Wilky, Siu, Yralee,David Mojica and Elpidio. Nice work, Keep it up! Hits not outs win games.

Left out is the sad news affecting JJ Red team, as they have three strong lefty players but now we do not have enough gloves, as one was stolen Monday april 14th after one of the Red team's games. Jessica Cruz has her own glove, and teacher Richard kindly offerred his up for use, but last game Raymond and Cecil had to alter playing time because of the glove issue.--Anyone with any knowledge of where this glove may have gone please let us know. Otherwise Cecil and Raymond cannot be on the filed at the same time, posing a new challenge to captains Joel and Jil Jeter. --could this be a conspiracy against the big red machine???

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