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Red team showing them how it goes down!

Written by Jeter's wife Jill Jeter on 04-30-2003

First of all I want to thank my team for giving its all for every game we had played and for giving me a hard time on the perfect attendance thing. wondering why I'm writing this, is not because Dennis is telling me to. It is because people talk so much gibberish just because we are 4 and 0. LET me put it down for you nice and easy!

What it takes to have a squad. First you'll need responsable captains who will make it to all the games to do the books. Now with out the players it wouldn't be a team. thx guys for coming to all the games. X men 3 coming soon playing on your flied. Mutant name: Siu (beast). Abilities: knocking people down in his way and switch hitter. Mutant name: Joel(cyclops). Abilities: running like the wind and smacking it out of the park. Mutant name:Jonathan (wolverine). Abilities: hot hands (no ball passing his way)and right to left he puts it on you. Mutant name: Jessica (strom). Abilities: lefty power strong as a strom. Mutant name: Cecil (night crawler) lefty who makes mets payer number 31 look gay when the apple goes up. Mutant name: Jouse (professor X). Abilities: physic the batter up, with his brain control.

above this ^^^^ you see players that you fear, watch out human we coming for you. next game would be on thursday may 8,2003. oh yeah derek jeter is ok he coming home soon! LETS GO RED! LET THE BEST LANDMARK TEAM WIN!

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