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Rookie Captain Makes Statement!

Written by Cecilio on 05-02-2003

It is only the beginning of the season...

It is only the beginning of the season and the Red Team has made a statement. I know my Pinstripe team has come along slowly but we plan to make a statement too. Jill talks about being a responsible captain, however, being responsible is not the word. I know I can't speak for the other teams but the Pinstripes will not back down to any team including the Red. This responsible captain has scouted the Red team consistantly as well as the others, but the Red do leave margin for error. That is what a Captain does and now that Jill and Joel take that into perspective they can realize that we aren't playing for 2nd, we plan on giving Red a run for their money. I will leave you with one more thing. The Red Team are like the Red Sox right now. Like Sui says about the Red Sox, "They're the best team in Baseball... in April". That goes to show that there is plenty of games left to be played so dont count us out.

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