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Svengali of the Mound K.O.'s Big Blue

Written by Tom Boswell on 05-02-2003

Dominant Complete Game Performance From KO (that�s Karla Ovalle, to you) Turns The Boys From Big Blue to Blubbering Behemoths.

Karla Ovalle had her way from the first at bat to the last. If she needed a ground out, she got it, needed a third strike she got it, needed a pop up, she got it. She got players of great stature swinging weakly at balls short of the plate, left of the plate, right of the plate. She had her opponents swinging at everything. She never had to throw a strike (at least, not to the fellas). She had the measure of her opponents and she never let go. She had her opponents cursing one another, climbing the fences, all turned around, begging for mercy. She mesmerized the hot heads of big blue. With her dazzling array of pitches, she somehow forced them to dance to her tune. They couldn't get a rhythm, they swung with all their might, they swung feebly and, always, they were left gasping for air. They did rise in a dead cat bounce the last inning but, by then, Karla knew her work had been done. She had lifted the spell and she and her teammates were already heading off into the sunset with thoughts of their next victims. Hats off to Pinstripes and congrats to Gabrielle and Zerieda for their big hits in the ninth.

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