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Light Blue KOd by KO!

Written by Tom Boswell on 05-04-2003

On One Day's Rest No Less.

Not since Bob Lemon led the Cleveland Indians to the American League Championship in 1948 has the baseball world seen such a proficient demonstration of stamina. Karla Ovalle (KO to her growing legion of fans), on less that 24 hours rest, and injured, managed to shutdown her second hard hitting team in a row. Limping to the mound each inning, she dazzled and mesmerized her opponents with an array of pitches and a focused look of extreme determination. Senior Institute staff should have been there in force, she defined proficiency. The Houdini of Heckscher was matched pitch for pitch in the late innings by the upstart Trevor Naidoo but, by then, it was clear the fate of the game was already sealed. In a mere 24 hours, Pinstripes have made a bold statement to the league, is any one going to answer back?

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