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Pinstripes Survive Mud-Bowl

Written by Dennis on 05-10-2003

Beat Black 10-5 to reach their record to 4-2, on a three game win streak and a collision course with the big JJ Red squad.

Wilky hit his league tying fourth homerun while Jonathan Flete stood by and scowled, Cecilio earned his 16th RBI to also bump Flete from sole leadership in that category, and Karla Ovaltine Orvalle kept the energy and her winstreak alive as a starting pitcher, as the Pinstripe Hit Parade continued again.

Black fought hard in the muddy infield and wet outfield, but Cecilio and Ingrid's gang just provided too much punch and too much good defense to prevent black from gaining any needed ground. Unfortunately for black, they had only two girls and a skeleton crew of boys so they again lost a half point for attendance, bringing them into an almost desparate situation in which they must win at least one more game against either LT Blue or Dk Blue or else their chances for a postseason bid will be slim, leaving them as the ones who are truly Blue.

Black goes against Dk Blue at riverside park near 72nd street on tuesday. This is actually a little league field so special rules will be in effect. In the past a couple of games have been played their, and so both teams will have to try to capitalize on the little advantages it offers and to stay away from the numerous pitfalls. It should be a real chess match on the diamond. Black desparately needs a victory, and so does Dk Blue which was battered on Thursday by the big jjRed machine, 14-5.

In the thursday game, rookie Dania Diaz reached base and scored all three at bats. Said Captain Jil Jeter, "When your 11th batter can do that, you simply can;t be beat." Aidee Acosta went 2 for 3 in that game, proving the point that she in fact does play her best ball when Luis is present, no matter what the sport.

Also next week, Dk Blue plays Lt Blue on the nearby Hecksher fields on Wednesday to determine the king of the Blues. The winner is most likely guaranteed a playoff spot. And on thursday, Big Red will battle Lt. Blue at Riverside and 108th Street, a decent field with the Green Monster wall in Left. Yes, you can bet that switch hitting Siu will bat righthanded for that game.

Also keep in mind two other key dates, Monday June 9th is the Teachers vs the Student Allstars game, at nearby Hecksher, and on the last day of classes, Monday the 17th of June, the Sports Award Banquet will take place.

On a lighter note, if you are interested in watching the muddy game you can just ask Jonathan flete if you can use his camera,... the only thing is between hits and runs scored, be prepared to see a lot of Teonilda behind the plate.

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