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They Tried!

Written by Mike Lupica on 05-10-2003

Red Team remains undefeated!

Thursday May 8th was gloomy and the Dark Blue team was ready to send the Red Team to the subways with their first defeat. The prerequisite trash talking, hand shaking and sharing of hot chocolate was already complete and the only thing remaining was the game.

The Red Team jumped ahead to a 1 - 0 lead in the first inning but the Dark Blue team bounced right back to take a 4 - 1 lead. As witnessed throughout the season, the Red Team did not panic and made a valiant comeback highlighted by a lack of fundamentals from the Dark Blue Teams first baseman. The final score turned out to be 14 - 5 in favor of the Red Team.

In the meanwhile, Jonathan Flete leads the league in RBI's while Cecil Browning is not in second place, kicking Cecilio Jahil into third place. Said Jill Jeter on the win, "I know my man Derek is returning to New York next week, I couldn't disappoint him with a loss."

Meanwhile, Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bicycle police brigrade was successful in nabbing the mad cycler of New York City. We can all be safe now!

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