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Dark Blue Completes Weekend Retreat

Written by Tom Boswell on 05-12-2003

Dark Blue is pumped up for the home stretch after a long weekend retreat.

Jack Welch, as head of the advisory board to revitalize the new Dept. of Education met with the Department�s Dark Blue softball unit. "Listen I saw the stats on their game with that team of Reds and it�s clearly a management problem.� said Mr. Welch, �Our Dark Blue unit can beat that team. They just need to utilize their resources in a more productive fashion. The way I see it, the DOE is just GE redux. I�ll remake this baby the way I made that one. Why not start with the softball unit.� Dark Blue spent the weekend with Jack up in Fort Edward, New York. Mr. Welch and his team helped overhaul the unit from top to bottom. �Case in point,� Jack noted, �This Siu Chan, one of those Reds, he hits two pop ups and a squibbler to second yet records 2 hits, 2 runs and 2 rbis. He was allowed to record that kind of production on three sure outs. Management problem clear and simple. The unit clearly dropped the ball.� Eye opening. With his words and decades of mgmgnt experience as their inspiration, Dark Blue used the weekend time to overhaul the offensive and defensive structure of their softball group. In the words of the unit�s captain,�If Neutron Jack says that this is what it takes to maximize output and minimize droppage then that is what we'll do. That thing he said about Chan, it really got to the crux of the problem. I know, with the changes, that we will be ready for the June 2nd production reports. We are excited."

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