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Home Stretch is Upon US

Written by Dennis -Commissioner on 05-15-2003

Dark Blue holds on despite furious comeback in the last inning by Light Blue, 10-9.

A gem of a game ended in the most dramatic fashion yesterday as Light blue staged a brilliant comeback, launched by none other than the mighty Trevor, who led off with a single to right field using his patented cricket style swing, that was followed by James Gough's critical single (completing his pefect day at the plate) and was almost capped off with a massive shot by Jonathan Lebron who powered a ball to right field despite pitcher Richard throwing balls inside on the mighty righthander. As a result of tremendous hustle by Dark Blue captain Jason Colon, as well a a rocket throw, Mr. Lebron was forced to settle for a triple, only his THIRD of the game. The rally continued for four straight batters with two outs, but neither Domingo, Yralee, David Mojica or Lebron would allow themselves to make the final and mortal out. Then, it was up to Mr. Chucks to bring in the final runner on third, and to guarantee a tie for Light Blue, but pitcher Richard found a weakness and kept going after it, and the mighty Chuck was unable to deliver the game saving hit.

---Dark Blue witnessed the first multi home run game from Richard, who had two homers and a triple, with five RBI's to match league leader Cecilio Jalil with 16. The all time Landmark Record is twenty RBI's set by Freddie Fland in 2000, but that was in a nine game regular season.

Dark Blue lost half a sports point for subbing their DH. The DH position is one that must be played for the entire game. Regular fielders can sub, and must play 3 innings. Still, it looks like third place is almost guaranteed for Dark Blue and with that a playoff spot is assured for this young and hungry team.

--today it is Light Blue going against the big RED at riverside park and 108th street, in a field featuring the Green Monster in left field. --Take the 1 or 9 train to 110th street and walk west one block and south two blocks to enter the park. Light blue would love to assure a playoff spot with a victory, otherwise its last game against black will essentially be a playoff game to see who makes the famed second season.

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