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Written by M. Lupica on 05-15-2003

What are we? UNDEFEATED!

It has been rumored that certain members of opposing players of the Red Team have been secretly attending the Mendoza Softball Institute on weekends. The specialty of the Mendoza Institute is to keep players focused and allow them to pass the Mendoza Line, the imaginary line that separates acceptability from mediocrity. Thursday's game between the All World Undefeated Red Team and the Powder Blue Team featured players who supposedly took part in the secret institute. One word of advice to other players, save your money and don't bother. It was obvious all the special workshops did no good.

Despite missing two starters, the Red Team won by the score of 10 - 7 and they are still undefeated. The bulls-eye is certainly on their backs as a the game drew dozens of fans. It was even reported that the ever capitalistic Erik was selling tickets! Said Mary Kay: "my goodness, now I see why this team is so darn good!" Leo, the pitcher for the opposing team is nursing his neck injury due to him turning his head so many times to see the flight of the ball as it flew over his outfielders head. "You know it's bad when the pitcher is spending a lot of time looking at the backs of his outfielders!"

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