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Black Attack Handled by Big Red

Written by Mike Lupica on 05-21-2003

Red clinches first place with a 16-10 Rout over Black

Big Bats did the talking for both teams but Red's bats spoke more loudly, scoring in every inning but the fifth, with 2,3,5,5,0,1 all in just six innings at bat. Joel Cecil and Flete's bats rang the loudest breaking into the landmark record books with back to back to back homeruns in the 4th inning. Jermaine and Richard and Milton and Jermaine and Steve and Kelman and Freddie Fland and Johvanni have hit back to backs before, but never have three in a row occurred.

After four innings the score was 15-4, and Red thought the game over, but Black would not go easily as they capped a four run 5th to respond, and then a two run sixth set the stage for a dramatice last inning, but this time it all fell short. Still Black has to feel good going into their last game with Lgt Blue next week on tuesday, this is the last regular season game but it may as well be a playoff game. The winner will face Red in the playoffs on Thursday May 29th on the Great lawn field number 6 in central park. (B or C train to 81st street). ----

Joel's bat is coming alive as he went 4 for 4 with a HR, Triple, two singles, three runs scored and two rbi's. Cecil also had a huge game, going two for four with two HR's and 2 RBI's. Flete was three for four with three runs scored but only one RBI, thus giving relief to Cecil and Pinstripes Cecilio who are both fighting for the leagues RBI crown. It was a doubly tough day for Mr. Flete, not only did the RBI crown elude him, he also had to deal with some heckling from the crowd. (Arabelis please!).

Jessica Cruz delivered on 2 for 3 hitting with two RBI's and Zuriel went 3 for 4 and Anthony went 3 for 3, as did Javier, to round out the lower end of Red's big hitting machine. And not to be forgotten is Melly Mell Mellissa, terminator behind the plate who caught a great game and even delivered an early RBI and a run scored. And Intense Aidee continued her St. Loius style hitting streak, every time Louis is there she gets on base.

Kenneth and Klye were both Special K's for the Black team, both knocking in 3 RBI's each, while Anthony and Mario each scored twice, and Zaira managed to reach base two out of three times at bat. Elizabeth and Antonio headed up the defense, Antonio locking down the ridiculed Black outfield and Elizabeth making every play she should make , and also one or two gems that left people scratching their heads.

Thursday on the great lawn again is Dark Blue against Pinstripes, this is a game only for bragging rights as the two will see each other for real next week on Friday May 30 on Hecksher field near school. This is round one of the playoffs and will have the whole season on the balance.

Stick around for more landmark softball news. As the intensity picks up, we will see just which team will rise to offer Red a challenge for the crown.

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