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Pinstripes Win 4th in a Row

Written by Peter Gammons on 05-23-2003

See if their Streak can continue against JJ-Red on Friday

Ever since Karla Ovalle took over the high ground for Pinstripes they have been impossible to defeat. Their last loss was a 17-4 whipping by the RED team. "We are not that team anymore," said Captain Cecilio. "We now have a real stopper at pitcher in Karla, and Ingrid at second makes all the plays."

Yesterday Pinstripe beat Dark Blue by a score of 7-3, in a game of strong hitting early and great defense late. Now Pinstripe has guaranteed home field edge against the youngsters from DK Blue next friday in the semifinal game. that one will be played at Hecksher field number 5.

Red will wait to play the winner of Lgt Blue and Black on Tuesday, at the Great lawn in Central park, field number 6. (81st st.) Actually Lgt Blue can either win or tie to advance, but if Black wins they will reach the next round, even though they will have the same number of points as Blue, they will have beaten them twice, and that is the first tiebreaker.

today's game features big RED vs Pinstripes, which some of the experts think is the preview of the final on Monday June 2. It also will have many individual awards hanging on the outcome. For example, Joel Leads the league in batting, could Siu catch him? Could Wilky or Eric G? --Will Flete hold onto his RBI and Homerun crown or will Cecilio and Cecil try to steal it? Will wilky take the league lead in runs scored? Will Teonida secure the most walks award? will Jill seal the most runs scored? Can Jessica catch yralee in RBI's? Will Dania's OBA surpass Yralee's? Can Javier Adon and Elpidio put their names up with Jonathan Lebron, David Mojica and Juan V. for this year's MVP? Can Karla's pitching overtake Jessica's hitting for the female rookie honors?

--Come to the game at 108 and Riverside and see. And grab a front row seat while you are at it.

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