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Dark Blue Befuddled and Beclouded by the Baffling Bamboozler of Baseball.

Written by Tom Boswell on 05-23-2003

Notch Another Victory for KO.

Once again Ms. Ovalle cinched Dark Blue's offense with a dazzling array of pitches. Dark Blue's Chayan Gonzalez managed to go 3 for 3 but, other than that, the team was held to 5 hits. Karla was supported by strong offensive and defensive play from her teammates. The Pinstripe's catcher,Teonilda Cruz, crushed the spirit of Drk Blue's teacher with a brilliant catch of a hard spinning foul ball, left him with his first 0fer for the season. The rest of the Pinstripe team matched Teonilda's strong fielding. They also seemd to toy with Drk Blue's defense, placing balls where they wanted at will. Eric Greenwald had a 4 RBI game and Wilky made a mockery of Dark Blue's field shifts. Pinstripe played smart ball all around. There was some complaining from the stands about the referee issuing too many warnings. One fan speculated, "Who does he think he is, Joey Crawford, let the players play." Nonetheless, the results were fair and incontrovertible. The two teams will, though, be meeting again in the playoffs. As Tyescha, Drk Blue's co-captain, was heard saying "4:00 Friday at Hecksher, a whole new season begins, this game won't count anymore."

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