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Season is Over

Written by M. Lupica on 05-24-2003


In the illustrious history of Landmark High School Softball, there has never been an undefeated team until now. The Red Team, led by captains Joel Ten and Jill Jeter, warded off all challenges and ended the regular season with 8 wins and no losses.

In Friday's regular season ender, the Red Team managed to win a sqeeker by the score of 19 - 9. Siu, the shameless trashtalker was heard saying in the last inning: "We need more runs!" The game was played under protest from both team captains because of the dangerous weather conditions. The driving rain, lighting and thunder did not sway the determination of the on field ump. It was suspected Commissioner Joyce needed to get this game in to invoke his "games played" bonus clause which would entitle him to 4 free classes of Hot Yoga.

Cecilio's Pinstripe team jumped out to a quick 4 - 0 lead. Wilky and Eric were crushing the ball to the opposite field so many times Dania's head was still spinning after the game. Juan Perdomo lifted the spirits and bats of the Red Team by launching a monster homerun over the "Granite Monster". The lead changed hands every inning until the 8 run explosion by the Red Team in the 4th inning. Karla, the pitcher for the Pinstripe Team was in a state of shock and awe. "My neck is hurting from watching ball being sprayed all over the field."

For the season, Cecilio fell just short of the coveted RBI lead. Jonathan Flete wins the crown despite sitting out the last game to allow Cecilio to catch up. Cecilio will get the consolation prize: 4 free lunch tickets!

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